Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Testing Disqus social media reactions

I am not trendy, but you knew that.

After reading this Mashable post about how Disqus displays mini-profiles, I went to my Disqus account and was updating some of my settings when I ran across the "Social Media Reactions" settings.

These are explained in this Disqus blog post from a month ago:

Social Media Reactions [is] a new feature on Disqus that aims to connect the discussion on your site with the scattered conversations occurring everywhere else on the web. Today, people have many tools available to discover, read, and discuss great content. Blog posts and articles can be mentioned on Twitter, commented about on Digg, and even shared across FriendFeed. Now, these social media reactions can be connected back to your site keeping the conversation together. When your posts are being discussed on Twitter and Digg, these tweets and comments will appear within your Disqus powered comment thread.

As you can see, I turned every danged one of them on for the Empoprise-BI blog, just to see what would happen. Now I just have to remember my Reddit account name and password.

P.S. Despite my Ffundercats education, I still say "DIS qus" (rather than "dis QUS") in my head whenever I think of the service. Retraining is hard.
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