Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bob Iger has the last laugh

Robert Iger of Disney, who arrived at the company via its acquisition of ABC, took a moment to look back on his career. A New York Times interviewer asked Iger to name his best and worst bosses. Iger put several bosses in the "best" category - Roone Arledge, Tom Murphy, Dan Burke, and Michael Eisner.

As for the "worst" category:

My first boss at ABC told me I wasn’t promotable, so I’d have to put him in the category of “bad boss.” Clearly he had poor judgment.

Now the young Iger could have taken that to heart, in which case he wouldn't be heading a major media corporation today. But he obviously didn't:

Well, when you’re 23 years old and you’re told you’re not promotable, there’s something kind of surprising to you about that, particularly when you’ve just embarked on a career and you have hopes for yourself — not necessarily high hopes, but I had hopes. I’d say it was just shocking. I don’t remember even being able to react, but I found another job very quickly, fortunately, within the company. It’s obviously a profound moment in your career. And the moment remains pretty vivid in my mind.
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