Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On contextual interviewing (Ryma May 27 webinar)

Before I talk about the webinar, perhaps I should explain contextual interviewing:

The primary purpose of Contextual Interviewing is to understand the “job(s) that need to be done”, or the problems that need to be solved by your business model, service or product. You need to uncover your Most Important Customer’s unmet needs.

This can be critical, because some (all?) statements of requirements do not necessarily reflect the true requirements. The written requirements may have been written by a consultant, or they may have been written by only one part of the organization, or they may make too many assumptions and thus leave important things unsaid.

On to the webinar:

Ryma's May 27th webinar will be presented by Dick Lee and Blake Bogrett. Together they will drill down into one of the details reviewed in the "Blue Ocean Strategy" webinar presented May 13 of this year. They will explain why Contextual Interviewing is the single most important task you carry out in developing new software, a new product or service. The success of all other steps hinges solely on getting this one right.

They point out why marketing groups don't typically have the core competencies to do this. They'll show where Contextual Interviewing fits in the Value Innovation Process, and how the approach to Focus Groups has changed over time.

Dick and Blake will review the process for setting up the interview team, defining team member roles and responsibilities, selecting the lead interviewer (select a person with a low KAI Index and you're dead on arrival), picking the format that works best for the project and interviewees, the do's and don'ts, the golden rules, capturing the outputs, winning interviewee "buy-in" for the next two interviews, addressing how we transition from interview outputs into Elements of Performance in a Value Curve with Metrics, and more.

One of the Golden Rules: Do NOT outsource this to a third party. Having a third party help you is fine, but your team must be there to hear, understand, and react to, The Nuggets!

Go to the page to find the "Register for this webinar" control.
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