Sunday, May 3, 2009 as featured on Leo Laporte

I'm rarely out and about in my car on Saturdays - or when I am, I don't have control of the radio dial. However, I was flipping around after leaving Comic Madness, and I happened to run across Leo Laporte's radio show on KFI. I rarely listen to Laporte, so I was enjoying it.

The first caller that I heard was asking about various web hosting options for his service that he was running. Laporte then asked what his service was. Now bear in mind that a mention or tweet from Laporte can apparently bring the best server down to its knees with a traffic overload, but the caller mentioned it anyway.

The service?

While I thanked Laporte on Saturday for sharing the service, I didn't get around to testing it until Sunday. Now while I'm a StumbleUpon user, I don't really take advantage of the stumbling feature. While one can say that is similar to StumbleUpon, there are two basic differences:
  • The movement from website to website is automatic. If you find an interesting website, you can pause.

  • The process of highlighting a site isn't locked into a single service. While StumbleUpon only lets you share a site via StumbleUpon, lets you share a site via a variety of services. Here's something I shared via Twitter. Here's something I shared via FriendFeed. And if I find something appropriate to my Facebook followers, I'll use that capability also.
So why am I writing this? Self-interest, actually.

Give us a shout out!

If you mention in one of your blog posts our surfing engine will automatically pick up your blog more frequently.

Remember for best results the shout out must be in an actual blog post.

Now I just have to figure out a way to make this same type of post in my Inland Empire, Music, and NTN Buzztime blogs...

Actually, you don't have to mention in a blog to get listed. You can manually list the blog yourself, or participate in the forums (here's a thread about Leo Laporte, by the way).

P.S. Interestingly enough, two posts that mentioned also mentioned Alpha Inventions. Still have to check the latter out...
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