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Empoprise-BI News - 24 May 2009

Empoprise-BI News

The news letter for Empoprise-BI - An Empoprises vertical information service for business news.

Welcome to Empoprise-BI News

You might have noticed that I've been adding email subscription capability to all of my blogs, including Empoprise-BI. Well, now I can tell you why - because I want to start publishing a newsletter, and this will allow you to receive the newsletter via email.

But wait a minute - this is a blog post!

That's right. Initially I was thinking about setting up a traditional email newsletter.

I started out by looking at the email newsletters that I already receive and seeing what software was being used. Well, David Risley uses Aweber, and Theatre Experience of Southern California uses Constant Contact. While the newsletters are fine, and the services are fine, it turns out that these particular services require money, something which is not readily available at this stage of the growth of Empoprises.

The next step was to check out the free services that were available. I only got as far as checking Bravenet's free service, and I'll admit that I wasn't particularly bowled over by it.

That's about the time that I said to myself, "Self, why not just make them blog posts and have people subscribe to the blog?" While this means that you have to subscribe to the entire blog to get the post, that's actually something that I'd like people to do. I'm using FeedBurner to provide the email subscriptions (yeah, I know). FeedBurner sends an email to you every day that the blog in question (in this case, Empoprise-BI) includes any posts. There could be multiple posts in that daily email, so I'm trying to time things so that on newsletter days, the "Empoprise-BI News" will be the last item posted, and thus the top item in the email.

If you want to subscribe to the email, just go to the Empoprise-BI blog and enter your email address in the "Email subscription" area.

Or you can just subscribe to the RSS feed (the "Subscribe to Empoprise-BI" widget right above the Email subscription widget), or you can come to and read the newsletter on your own. And don't forget the Odiogo podcasts.

Behind the Scenes

I think we've had enough "behind the scenes" stuff this week, haven't we?

Special Features

I think we've had enough "special features" this week, haven't we?

Seriously, I'm thinking about having "Behind the Scenes" and "Special Features" sections where I can talk about my uninformed business philosophies, my Empoprise-BI FriendFeed room, and other exciting topics.


Since I write some of my blog posts well in advance, I already know on Sunday night what some of the posts will be that will appear in the coming week. So you can consider this a teaser regarding my planned blog posts. Needless to say, all plans can go horribly awry, so there's no guarantee that the stories below will actually appear.

Monday is a holiday in the United States, but it's not a holiday in the rest of the world. Therefore, I plan to share a blog post that focuses on African business.

Some people think that corporate boards of directors are part of what ails business today. I plan to talk about a proposal that may, or may not, cure the ailment.

And I'll also talk about Robert Half - actually, I'll talk about all of him.

Since my day job involves the translation of customer needs into marketing requirements, I have a vested interest in making sure that my marketing requirements truly reflect customer needs. Contextual interviewing is a tool that can assist in this, so I plan to talk about that.

And I plan to revisit the whole Oracle/Sun deal to see where things stand, including the current status of three shareholder lawsuits that allege that Sun sold out for too low a price.

And, in a piece that is completely unrelated to the stock market, I'll talk about the steel industry. And casinos. In the same post.

And, in my ongoing search for cool stuff, I found a robot that identifies and picks up stuff. Nice.

So expect to see these items, and other items, in the coming week.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or whatever, feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this blog post, or you can contact me via email (empoprises at gmail dot com), Twitter (@empoprises), or FriendFeed (empoprises).
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