Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dave Barry gets it

Luckily for us, Dave Barry's column is not distributed by the Associated Press. So when I saw this article (Rocking Chair Rock), I was able to quote it in a Facebook post without fear of the Intellectual Property Police (Clueless Division) ganging up on me.

For purposes of this post, I'll quote the copyright notice:

(c) 2009, Dave Barry This column is protected by intellectual property laws, including U.S. copyright laws. Electronic or print reproduction, adaptation, or distribution without permission is prohibited. Ordinary links to this column at may be posted or distributed without written permission.

I think that the Miami Herald realizes that quoting a short excerpt of an article, along with a link to the original site, is actually a GOOD thing - good for the Miami Herald, and good for Barry.


The article, by the way, is an account of the 2004 reunion of that famous Haverford College band, Federal Duck. More here.
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