Sunday, May 24, 2009

The sad story of Jesús "I just lost 13 pounds" Gorriti - oh, you haven't heard of Jesús Gorriti?

Jesús Gorriti is a user of both Twitter and FriendFeed. Approximately an hour ago, this tweet made it to FriendFeed:

Howdy my friend! I just lost 13 pounds in 15 days. It only costs me $5. Take a look at this...

This was followed by a URL in the .cn domain.

I would have linked to the original tweet, but Gorriti has already deleted it. He does have a couple of followup tweets about the incident, however:

mierda, me han hackeado la twittercuenta ¿cómo?

This tweet basically says, "Gee golly gosh, something has happened to my Twitter account." More or less.

@jotajotaz ya, tenia buena pinta pero me mosquea no saber que ha pasado y si la culpa es mia o de twitter.

"Culpa" means "fault."

As you can guess, the hacking of Gorriti's account has caused widespread outrage all over the tubes, with people demanding that Twitter fix things so that Gorriti would never suffer through this problem again.

Oh, wait a minute...silly unprofessional blogger than I am, it turns out there was no outrage at the hacking of Gorriti's account. I seem to have gotten him confused with Thomas Hawk. When Hawk's account was hacked, it resulted in over three dozen comments in FriendFeed.

Oh, and the #hawkhack also merited an Inquisitr story.

Now spammers have never been accused of smarts, but I do have to grant that this spam may have remained unknown for some time if it weren't for the fact that Thomas Hawk's fairly popular account was hacked.

But while we ponder this latest security breach, we shouldn't only think of @thomashawk or @gorriti, but also @saxon20044 and @sahnah and all of the hundreds of others who were victimized by this hack.
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