Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm a SERIAL movie star! But why is National CineMedia mailing stuff to me?

Previously, on April 28, I wrote a post entitled I'm a movie star! And you can be too, thanks to National CineMedia. The post detailed an advertisement that I received in the mail, done in the style of a comic book. The book was personalized with my name, but designated me as the superhero "Quantum."

Well, it turns out that the April mailing wasn't the last that I received from National CineMedia.

By this week, I had received a total of three mailings, describing the spectacular, phenomenal, and amazing way in which National CineMedia could host an exciting event at up to 1,200+ theaters nationwide.

But then I got to wondering - why were they sending me these advertisements through the mail?

Why didn't they just arrange to give their presentation once at the previously mentioned 1,200+ theaters? Get their entire mailing list in there, ply us with free popcorn and jumbo soft drinks, and convince us directly about the superiority of the National CineMedia solution? It is perhaps too expensive to host such an event?

Now it turns out that I'm on another mailing list, from the U.S. Postal Service, which emphasizes to me how wonderful postal advertisements can be.

It looks like National CineMedia is proving the U.S. Postal Service's point.
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