Monday, May 18, 2009

Disadvantages of a closed system (MSN Games)

Microsoft is more open than most people think, especially when you compare it with Apple. But there are still some instances in which Microsoft is closed enough to shoot itself in its own foot.

Back in the 20th century, I used to play a lot of Yahoo Poker, especially at some of the more social tables - the ones that believed in chatting while playing, rather than just single-mindedly concentrating on the cards. I haven't played much in the last few years, but I still enjoy the game.

Well, I was poking around in my Microsoft account today (I had just uploaded some free Nine Inch Nails song files to my SkyDrive) when I noticed that MSN had its own games section. I checked the list of games, found Texas Hold'Em, went to the Texas Hold'Em page, and was stopped dead in my tracks.

Important Note: Your browser or operating system does not meet the minimum requirements to play on MSN Games. You may be able to download games for offline play; however, the online games can be played only with Internet Explorer version 6 or later, and Windows 2000 or later.

I met the operating system requirements - I'm on my brand-new computer with Windows Vista - but rather than using Internet Explorer 6, I'm using Mozilla Firefox.

And I'm using Mozilla Firefox on Yahoo Games from here on in, thank you very much. (As with everything else, I'm shifting my Yahoo use from my ontarioemperor account to my john_bredehoft account. I may see you at the poker tables.)
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