Friday, May 8, 2009

Odiogone after a while

After finding Evelyn Erives and KGGI on Twitter, I figured I'd see what I had previously written about this Inland Empire radio station.

I found a July 2008 post, and on a whim decided to listen to Odiogo read it to me.

Odiogo said the audio post "is no longer available."

So I went to my podcast page for the blog in question (Empoprise-IE), which only listed podcasts as far back as April 16. I poked around a bit more, and found an April 14 post for which the podcast is no longer available.

So it looks like Odiogo is only retaining podcasts for a limited time. In Empoprise-IE's case, they're retained for less than a month, but perhaps the retention is based upon number of posts, rather than time.

In effect I can't blame Odiogo for not keeping the posts around forever, since I'm not paying anything to use the service. And I'm sure that Odiogo documents somewhere that they do not guarantee that the podcasts will outlast the coming nuclear holocaust and be available to entertain the spiders a billion years from now.

But I'm still sad - especially for those people who find this blog post in July and have to read it for themselves, rather than having someone read it to them.
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