Thursday, May 21, 2009

The real Harlan Sanders (not Harlan Koch) looked a little blurry

I work in the biometrics industry, and monitor biometric-related items that appear on FriendFeed. I ran across this FriendFeed share that links to this article. We're getting into ridiculous territory here:

Google was given permission to launch Street View in the UK after giving assurances it would obscure people's faces and car registration plates in the images.

So Google did this...a little too well.

The world famous image of Sanders with white hair, beard, suit and glasses is on the front of all its 760 UK stores.

But Google Street View has blurred the face on its unique internet service to 'protect his privacy.'

The company says it took the decision because he is 'a real person' - despite him passing away in December 1980 aged 90.

However, when I checked a randomly-selected KFC in London today, it appears that poor old Harlan's privacy is being violated.

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