Thursday, May 28, 2009

Name the site with more traffic than Facebook that is getting jettisoned by its owner

Wet Spider Web by Swaminathan/Swami Stream used under a Creative Commons License

A few years ago, there was a web bubble that burst, and there's STILL fallout from THAT one. Saul Hansell of the New York Times chronicles a breakup:

Time Warner said on Thursday that it would file for divorce in one of the most ill-fated marriages in the history of the media and technology business, its 2001 merger with AOL. The companies hope the separation is complete at the end of the year.

AOL has long since lost the allure that prompted Time Warner to contribute two-thirds of its equity as a dowry.

And, lest we forget, as of April 2009 AOL was still the fourth most popular Web property (H/T Jake Kuramoto), beating out eBay, Wikimedia (including Wikipedia), Facebook, and Apple.

Yes, you read that right, AOL beats out Facebook. Consider that.
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