Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What are your "most obscure" Google Reader feeds?

There's a Google Reader discussion (how do you link to Google Reader discussions?) on an item originally shared by Jesse Baer regarding the Jason Kottke post on Power Reading with Google Reader. During the course of the discussion, one participant wondered about the more obscure feeds that these power readers read.

This moved me to wonder why my more obscure feeds are.

To find out, I went to Google Reader, clicked on "Trends," then went to Subscription trends and clicked on "Most obscure."

Now right off the bat, I discovered that many of my "most obscure" feeds were either ego feeds (e.g. the feeds to my blogs) or feeds that I use directly in my blogging (such as the SimplyHired feed of job openings at NTN Buzztime). But I did find some interesting feeds buried away in there.

This blog is intended to help shed some light on the fingerprinting process. The process can sometimes be confusing, especially when you have to figure out where to go and who can fingerprint you. Let me be your magical mystery tour guide through the world of fingerprinting!

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Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail is a 501c(3) non-profit community organization that supports the completion and enhancement of the Inland Empire Pacific Electric rail-trail conversion project. Federal non-profit ID #83-0415924.

Now I'll grant that these are not necessarily general-interest blogs, but they're interesting nonetheless.

So what are the obscure feeds in YOUR Google Reader account?
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