Thursday, August 27, 2009

Virtual money off the farm - fantasy sports insurance

I've previously noted how people are paying real money for virtual things, such as buying coins to use in Farm Town. Well, it's not just the agriculturalists who are forking out the green into the ether. Consider this post from Yardbarker:

Some of you may have heard about the new insurance available, that provides protection against something, many of us hold dear to our hearts. I’m not talking about life insurance, health insurance, auto or even home insurance. I’m talking about insurance on something that millions of Americans, up until now, have not had a chance to insure. Something that many of us have been burned on for many years.

Fantasy Football Insurance!

Yes, there is an insurance that covers the fee that you pay to get into a fantasy football game, payable if one of your players gets injured.

For a nominal fee (from what I can tell is about 10% of your league's entrance fee), they will insure your fantasy team starters against season ending injuries.

The way it works: if you have any of the Top 50 ranked players in the league on your team, and the player has an injury that prohibits him from playing a X% of games, your policy will pay you back your league entrance fee.

Chris Cooley is considering buying the insurance...if he can convince his wife.

But who the hell knows, as poorly as I show up each year in my league, she might cough up the cash for this new protection.

You yourself can buy the insurance for fantasy football, and other fantasy sports, by going to

So how come Farm Town and fantasy football can monetize, but other sites can't?
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