Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Netbook news and non-news from Nokia and others

Additional news has emerged on the netbook front, starting with Nokia's announcement (via the Inquisitr):

Nokia is to enter the netbook space with the Booklet

The netbook sports a 10-inch glass screen, an SD card reader, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, HSDPA (3.5G), Wi-Fi, a HDMI port and a front facing camera. Nokia claims the Booklet offers 12 hours of battery life.

And, in a cue from the phone world, it also features the "Nokia Music Store." Inquisitr writer Duncan Riley speculates, however, that it's not locked like a phone is. Meanwhile, BusinessWeek looks at the competitive aspects:

This may be a move by Nokia to grab initiative from rival Apple. In the past several years, the iPhone maker has managed to grab significant share in the lucrative, fast-growing market for smartphones away from Nokia. Apple is also rumored to be developing a tablet netbook. With this announcement, Nokia may be trying to beat Apple to the punch.

But will netbooks get even more powerful? jkOnTheRun, relying on a Japanese account, initially reported that a dual-core netbook was about to appear, but the Japanese report was subsequently corrected.

And no, I have no idea whether my old employer Motorola is thinking about introducing something akin to a netbook. Remember that at Motorola, the mobile phone group is separate from the "radio" group that makes police equipment. Products such as ML910 come from the latter group. Disclosure: my division produces software that can run on the Motorola MC75.)
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