Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deciding? Doing and thinking, and when to do one or the other

It's time for some housekeeping of sorts. I spent some weekends (and other times) in mid-July writing blog post content that appeared on my blogs during my July 25 - August 10 vacation. Because I had hardly any computer access during my vacation, I wasn't able to add any up-to-date content (save for the mobile phone posts here and there). Because of this, I've accumulated a backlog of items that I want to write about, but haven't written about yet. Expect to see these over the coming days, and perhaps weeks.

To kick this off, I'm going back to a July 21 post by Brian "Bex" Huff entitled "How to Make a Decision." His basic points can be summarized as follows (although I encourage you to read the entire post):

  1. The emotional part of our brains is more developed than the rational part.

  2. Because of this, emotional decisions can be made more quickly than rational decisions.

  3. Despite this quick decision-making capability, emotional decisions may not use all relevant data (for reasons that Huff explains in the post).
Huff then states that "[t]he key is to know how to engage the rational mind, and how to engage the emotional mind." The remainder of the post explains when to use a rational decision-making method, when to use an emotional decision-making method, and why it is important not to confuse the two.

Please read his arguments and let me know if they are logical. Or if they feel right.

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