Monday, August 10, 2009

HD Radio now portable

We all talk about online radio or Sirius/XM or whatever, but how many of us think about HD Radio?

Frankly, the only times that I think about the service is when I hear a radio station talking about their HD service (a local AM news station also broadcasts on the FM dial via HD radio), or when I wander into a Wal-Mart or wherever and see the HD radios that you can put in your car.

But in July, another HD listening alternative was announced:

...the first portable HD radio that can be strapped to your arm or tossed into your pocket like an iPod or mp3 player. And at about $50, the Insignia NS-HD01 is the cheapest way to get HD radio, which offers far better sound than normal FM or AM.

Presumably other models will come out or are already out. But will this lure us away from our or Sirius/XM listening?
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