Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OK, some people do like it small

In the past (July 3 and July 8, to be exact), I have complained that some of our technology is getting too danged small, and that all the miniaturization in the world won't help you if you lose the very product being miniaturized.

My opinion, however, seems to be a minority opinion. The Inquisitr recently ran a post that talked about an 8 gigabyte memory stick from Verbatim that is the size of a penny. And the product design, unlike iamaKey, does not offer a good way to attach the product to something - yes, there's a little hole that you can use to attach the drive to something, but what? iamaKey gets attached to...a keychain. Tuff 'N' Tiny gets attached to...who knows what?

Oh, good! Now you can lose 8 gigabytes of data very easily. This is progress?
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