Monday, August 31, 2009

A message about better performance that should NOT be diverted to your spam file

Whether you're using a Windows computer or not, you're always going to run into issues regarding software performance. Two recent posts looked at two issues regarding software performance.

Steven Hodson, who looks at Windows issues when he isn't writing for the Inquisitr, recently posted an item on his WinExtra blog entitled Some Windows performance tweaking myths. It begins as follows:

Performance tweaking for Windows is often looked upon as some sort of black art where we get out the chickens and candles while chanting incantations to the computer gods. Over the years I have seem more bullshit propagated about things you can to do to make your copy of Windows run better. Most of the time those great tips either did very little to improve performance or in some case could even cause more problems.

Hodson then outlines a few of these myths, pointing people to a Lifehacker post for more details.

Now this gets you thinking about which tips are true and which aren't. And, as I mentioned above, this doesn't just apply to Windows users. Mozilla Firefox is available on multiple platforms, and someone published a recent tip entitled "Make Firefox Faster By Vacuuming Your Database." However:

Now all of this in itself doesn't mean that the tip is junk, but it sounds a bit more credible when a Mozilla blogger (Jeremy Orem) puts his credibility on the line.
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