Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Facebook fan page ideas

As you may or may not know, I've created three Facebook fan pages for three of my blogs over the last couple of months, but I haven't really marketed them, or even paid much attention to them, in any huge way. (I still have the relevant FriendFeed groups, but I haven't done a lot with those either.)

This post got me thinking. It's a post by Lauren Rabaino about using a Facebook fan page widget. But before she gets to the widget itself, she has some helpful ideas for the fan page itself:

Update it often. Although this can mean linking it with an RSS feed or with your Twitter updates, the best Facebook pages have custom updates.

I have rarely performed any custom updates in any of my three Facebook fan pages (although I have added some source material on occasion), so 90% of the fan page content consists of RSS feeds from the blog in question. Obviously this approach needs rethinking. When I created the FriendFeed groups that also primarily consisted of RSS feeds (both my own stuff and third-party material), I remember that someone said it wasn't worth his/her while to look at such a page. That person was probably right.

But on the other hand,

Don’t overwhelm your fans. Facebook isn’t Twitter; update often, but not too often. Posting 10 updates a day might annoy your fans and cause them to block your updates from appearing on their newsfeed.

For Empoprise-IE and Empoprise-MU, this probably isn't much of a problem, but occasionally on Empoprise-BI I'll get a little post happy, and if I start sharing all of the Empoprise-BI posts PLUS other relevant business material, it may become a little overwhelming. I'll have to think through this and strike the proper balance.

So I'll work on these items. In the meantime, here is a widget (with streams) for the Empoprise-BI fan page, and widgets (without streams) for my other two Facebook fan pages. If you're a Facebook user, I encourage you to visit and check my progress in personalizing the feeds from the pages.

Empoprise-BI on Facebook

Empoprise-IE on Facebook

Empoprise-MU on Facebook
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