Thursday, August 20, 2009

More kewl stuff, like explosions and things

Dudes (and dudettes), I like kewl stuff, especially when explosions are involved. In the past I've found various sources for neat stories, but my latest one comes from the New York Times.

The European Commission said Tuesday that it was examining the safety of Apple iPhones and iPods, after news reports said that several of the devices had exploded.

Now bear in mind the the EC is dealing with a grand total of three reports. And, to my knowledge, there's no video, which is a bummer.

But tech explosions happen - Carmi Levy was documenting exploding laptops a couple of year back Although the cause of the latest Apple explosions is uncertain, the laptop down to the batteries.

The one thing about our increasing reliance on powered devices is that the power has to be stored somewhere...and if the power storage is faulty, bad things can happen.
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