Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know a guy invented this - killing mosquitoes by laser

I read this, and immediately decided it was really cool. From HS Daily Wire:

In an effort to prevent the spread of malaria, scientists have built a laser that shoots and kills mosquitoes.

More information is contained in this Wall Street Journal article:

In a lab in this Seattle suburb [Bellevue], researchers in long white coats recently stood watching a small glass box of bugs. Every few seconds, a contraption 100 feet away shot a beam that hit the buzzing mosquitoes, one by one, with a spot of red light....

Nathan Myhrvold [is] a former Microsoft Corp. executive who now runs Intellectual Ventures LLC., a company that collects patents and funds inventions. His old boss, Mr. Gates, had asked him to explore new ways of combating malaria. At a brainstorming session in 2007, Dr. [Lowell] Wood, the Star Wars architect, suggested using lasers on mosquitoes.

Soon Dr. Wood, Dr. Kare and another Star Wars scientist teamed with an entomologist with a Ph.D in mosquito behavior and other experts. They killed their first mosquito with a hand-held laser in early 2008.

This is the advantage of knowing someone with a few billion dollars. I'm sure the Dr. Wood acted all serious in the meetings, talking about combating malaria and saving the world, but once he got away from the money people, he jumped up in joy and started talking about really kewl laser action!
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