Friday, March 27, 2009

Now there's an idea - create commercials that people WANT to watch

Much of the television that we view is funded by commercials, but we do our best to avoid them. Think about it - many DVD and DVR remote controls include a feature that allows you to skip 30-second increments of the material that you're watching. When companies spend time designing their products to avoid your stuff, you know that you have a problem.

MediaMemo suggests a solution:

Advertisers and programmers are doing their best to fight back. They’re tinkering with ad formats–notice all those movie ads that feature the film’s title and release date running across the top of the ad, designed to combat fast-forwarders? And they’re integrating the ads directly into the shows themselves–it’s impossible to watch Bravo’s “Top Chef” without understanding that it’s sponsored by Glad and Diet Dr. Pepper, because everyone on the show keeps referring to Glad and Diet Dr. Pepper.

But here’s another, more straightforward approach: Create ads with visuals so arresting, you have to stop fast-forwarding and watch them.

Now that's a concept. There are a few examples in the post.
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