Friday, March 6, 2009

Whither FastCompany.TV post-Scoble, Rocky, and Seagate?

Michael Arrington, who has returned from his sabbatical, reported at TechCrunch that Robert Scoble is leaving Arrington wrote:

Part of the reason behind his departure: His long time sponsor, Seagate, hasn’t renewed their $1 millionish/year contract, he says.

This news comes about one month after Scoble reported on FriendFeed that Rocky Barbanica had been laid off.

As of this morning, the web site still includes an undated declaration from Robert Scoble about the then-new venture.

Doing this work isn't cheap - you've gotta take the cameras on location around the world, not to mention hire great production talent like Rocky Barbanica, who helps arrange interviews, runs cameras, and edits the videos, and Seagate has dedicated a large amount of resources to this effort, which we greatly appreciate.

After the TechCrunch story was published, Scoble wrote a post of his own, in which he thanked two people at FastCompany (Bob Safian and David Lidsky), Rocky Barbanica, and Seagate.

But one thing has, to my knowledge, not yet been explicitly addressed. If your managing director leaves, and your producer leaves, and your sponsor reportedly has not renewed...what happens to

I have sent an email to Robert Safian at Fast Company asking him that very question about the future plans for No guarantee that he'll respond - it's not like I'm a Steven Hodson or anything like that - but if I do hear something, either directly from Safian or otherwise, I'll share it in the blog. (Because I'm flying across the country today, and because my 8-bit rotary phone doesn't have full editing capabilities, any update today will of necessity be short.)
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