Saturday, March 21, 2009

It only takes a minute, girl...

As some of you may know, the router at my home failed earlier in the week. I received a replacement router, and had to return the old router. I was provided with a handy-dandy pre-paid label to ship the old router back via UPS.

My initial preference was to go to one of The UPS Store outlets in my area, but I was hitching a ride with someone else who knew of another place that handled UPS shipments. He had been to this other place in the past, and had previously received good and friendly service from them.

When we arrived, we noticed that the UPS logo on the front of the place seemed to be faded, and possibly scratched out. But we figured that we'd double check anyway.

So we walked in, and were the only people in the store except for the person behind the counter.

Who was on the phone. Talking, talking, talking, not even acknowledging our presence.

After a minute I walked out. And guess where we went?

Yes, there is a UPS Store within a block of the place that didn't have time to help us.

Now the next time that I need some type of office service, do you think that I'm going to make the extra effort to visit the other place and see if it was just a bad day, or do you think I'll just go to my local UPS Store, where I've always received good help in the past?

I can't speak for the other person who was with me, but there's a good chance that the store in question just lost two customers.

And it took less than a minute.
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