Thursday, March 26, 2009

Talking about fat cats from banks - the Fifth Third Burger

These days it's cool to be green and healthy and lean and mean and all of that stuff, but when something is cool, it's often even cooler to be anti-cool. Especially in the current climate, bankers are derided as "fat cats," but a bank's name is being used to promote a 4,800 calorie hamburger.

I found this story by checking out the Twitter feeds of people who subscribe to my Twitter account. (My Twitter name, by the way, is @empoprises.) I was off Gmail for a couple of days, so it took me a bit to realize that @zentropikCEO was following me. @zentropikCEO is described as follows:

CEO. Professional Philosopher. Online Dating Expert. Social Media Neophyte. Just your basic twitterer. All the usual flaws plus a few you’ve never heard of.

But when I check out someone who's following me on Twitter, I check out their feeds above all else. And here's what I found on this feed:

U.S. ballpark to sell 4,800 calorie burger

The link went to a Physorg piece:

In an apparent bid to cook up some comfort food during hard economic times, the West Michigan Whitecaps are offering fans a behemoth dubbed the Fifth Third Burger, named after the team's ballpark and the meal's five beef patties, which each weigh one third of a pound (136 grams).

The burger is smothered with chili, salsa, sour cream and a dollop of melted nacho-style cheese -- topped off with Frito chips, lettuce, tomato and five slices of American cheese and laid out in a bun made with a pound (454 grams) of dough.

Buzzfeed sets us straight on the math:

Named after the bank that sponsors the ballpark of the West Michigan Whitecaps, the Fifth Third burger weighs in at 5/3 pounds....

Buzzfeed also points out that the burger costs $20 and feeds "one to four people."

Fifth Third Bank's website doesn't feature the burger on its corporate website, instead showing it slogan:

The things we do for dreams.

Well, this burger is certainly someone's dream...
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