Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wanna buy a plane?

OK, this is another of those scheduled pre-written posts that are just like all the other scheduled pre-written posts that appear in my blogs.

In this case, I'm purposely scheduling this post for the 3rd because I anticipate that I'll be at an airport at the time you read this. (Yeah, I'll be at an airport at 5:00. Yay.)

It's no secret that companies are trying to divest themselves of divisions and workers, but they're also trying to divest themselves of capital equipment:

Going cheap, one Boeing 747-400, 20 years old, offers over $10 million, seats not included.

Air New Zealand grounded the jumbo jet in November as the airline slashed capacity on its long-haul international network by 15 per cent to cope with falling demand.

So they want to sell it, but it may not sell quickly:

[C]hief financial officer Rob McDonald said the prospects for selling the 747 sitting at Auckland airport "aren't huge" in a market where it joined 1000 other aircraft, expected by some to reach 3000 by the end of the year, already parked around the world.
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