Monday, March 2, 2009

Jack Box awakes from coma - a long campaign with a poor payoff

You may recall that Jack Box of Jack in the Box got hit by a bus. I've mentioned it previously.

Well, a new YouTube video was released earlier today.

After watching this and some of the other things that have appeared, it seems that the creative point of the campaign (not to be confused with the marketing message of the campaign, the ability to get anything at any time of day) was to establish Phil as the anti-Jack.

Sometimes anti-characters can work. Sit 'n Sleep's Irwin ("you're killing me Larry!") worked so well that Sit 'n Sleep responded to customer demand had to bring him back for its advertisements.

But Phil was just too bland. Smoothie sandwiches? Yawn.

It appears that Jack Box likes yes-men on his executive staff.
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