Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FeedBurner revisited, again (don't worry about the companyment)

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After noticing a 24+ hour lag between the time something is posted to this blog and the time it appears in the feed, I double-checked the FeedBurner Status blog. And now they DO have a relevant update:

Issue: Blogger has posted the following Known Issue, which may cause FeedBurner feeds based on Blogger content to fall behind and not show the latest updates.

Workaround: None. Blogger is actively working to resolve this issue. No changes to your FeedBurner account or feeds are necessary.

Here's what Blogger says:

Users who redirect their feed requests FeedBurner may be experiencing delays in their posts being picked up by FeedBurner. We're working on a fix now, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Incidentally, this proves my theory about not having to worry about Big Brother. People assume that "the government" is a unified entity that works wonderfully together to install microchips in your forehead or whatever it is that evil governments do. But read these two posts above. Is there ANYTHING in these two posts that even hints that FeedBurner and Blogger are owned by the same company? How is Google going to take over the world when it can't even get its own parts to play nicely together?
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