Thursday, March 19, 2009

Really big mosquitoes? No, this is a WAR laser

Another day, another cool story from HS Daily Wire.

You'll recall Tuesday's post about the mosquito-killing laser, and Wednesday's post about the Terrafugia Transition flying car. (Regarding the latter, JR Raphael has posted videos at the Inquisitr.)

On Thursday, HS Daily Wire returned to the laser theme, but with a bigger enemy this time:

In recent test-blasts, Pentagon-researchers at Northrop Grumman managed to push their laser to 105 kilowatts of power -- past the "100kW threshold [that] has been viewed traditionally as a proof of principle for 'weapons grade' power levels for high-energy lasers," Northrop's vice president of directed energy systems, Dan Wildt, said in a statement. Noah Shachtman writes that this is not kind of power that will get you a Star Wars-style blaster, but it should be more than enough to beam -- and destroy -- the mortars and rockets with which insurgents have bombarded American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

More here, including additional information on laser weapons.
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