Monday, March 2, 2009

Remember the small business

There's been so much emphasis on the news on big business that some people forget that there are a lot of small businesses out there too.

But there's a blog called Small Business Labs that didn't forget. In fact, at the end of last year, the blog posted its 2009 Top 10 Small Business Trends. Number one:

1. The Recession Drives Small Business Innovation

The basic claim is that small businesses will be forced to "re-evaluate, re-design and refine." And if they do it right, that's a good thing.

2. Government Plays an Increasing Role in the Economy

My initial reaction to this point was, Duh. My second reaction was, But will the impact reach to small businesses? The blog is certain that it will: "Small businesses will need to be aware of federal, state and local government policy and program changes and their impacts."

Read the other eight points here.
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