Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More on the Quiznos offer fallout

Last Friday, Lutheran Lucciola posted Quiznos "Free Sub" Giveaway: SCAM! The post began as follows:

Yes, the folks at Quiznos have pulled a fast one. With an advertisement for a giant free sub giveaway, where one can fill a form, give an email, and then download a coupon made out to your name only, it sounds good, right? Well, apparently it's a scam. I drove around to three different Bay Area locations over two days, and not one place would honor the coupon.

Lutheran Lucciola linked to a Main Street post on the issue, which arose all over the country.

There appears to be some miscommunication between the Quiznos marketing department responsible for the campaign and the franchise owners manning the registers and interacting with customers.

When an individual store manager’s policy differs from the official Quiznos advertising line, questions arise as to whether the entire promotion was a traffic-driving ploy. An every man for himself approach to fast food giveaways probably doesn’t translate to a positive image from your customers.

But the Quiznos rep who responded to Main Street was positive:

“The response to the Quiznos Millions Subs Giveaway has been nothing short of overwhelming. That’s great, right? Right... but given that we have had over a million consumers respond in only three days, there are a handful of people who have reported some problem redeeming their free sandwich. If you’re one of them, please let us know right away by emailing We’re working hard to address every issue very quickly....And, if you weren’t quite fast enough the first time around, there’s still a chance to win a free-subs-for-a-year gift card through our Hometown Heroes promotion throughout the month of March.”

Or, as Walletpop put it:

Essentially, in addition to seizing this moment to send out an ad for a sweepstakes Quiznos wants you to tell on the managers that won't play ball. And yet locations are apparently permitted to opt out.

What does the Quiznos website (or, more specifically, the website) say?

But why would someone trust a Quiznos promotion in the future?

P.S. Apparently there are no Quiznos in my newly-adopted community of Lakeaway, Texas 78734.
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