Sunday, September 6, 2009

Empoprise-BI News - 6 September 2009

Empoprise-BI News

The news letter for Empoprise-BI - An Empoprises vertical information service for business news.

Welcome to Empoprise-BI News

It's now September, and I'm still printing this newsletter as part of my blog. If you have any questions or comments, Gmail has provided me with an account called "empoprises" which allows me to receive said comments.

Behind the Scenes

You'll recall that I made an announcement in last week's newsletter. Here's part of that announcement:

[O]ne thing that I've been thinking about is how people of different ages perceive different things, which leads us to the subject of time in general. I've collected some preliminary thoughts on the topic, which you will see in the coming week under the name (and the blog label) "empo-tymshft." I can't predict what's going to happen with this - maybe four weeks from now I'll have a dozen different empo-whatever labels, and every post that I crank out will provide revelatory information regarding the categories I have identified. Or maybe I'll write this one post and never do an empo-whatever post again. If you want to find out what happens in this'll have to stay tuned.

Well, I started delving into the topic with posts on 8/31, 9/2, and 9/3 that not only looked at differing perceptions of IBM, Batman, and operating systems over time, but also looked at the whole concept of time (or, in this case, "real time").

In the future, perhaps I'll revisit some themes that I originally explored one New Year's Day, during the 2008 Rose Bowl parade (see my mrontemp post Hashtagging Challenges When Events Occur at Different Times in Different Locations).

Special Features

One of the items that really struck me this week was the whole concept of 20% projects becoming extremely popular - sometimes more popular than the original projects upon which you were supposed to be spending 80% of your time. But I guess the part that fascinated me the most as I delved into the topic wasn't the fact that the 20% projects were sometimes successful - they often weren't - but the fact that the mere act of doing 20% stuff helped you out with the 80% stuff that you're supposed to be doing. Food for thought.


If anyone can combine Froot Loops, Dionne Warwick, and Machiavelli into a single post, I can. Keep an eye out.

Oh, and now that I've kicked off "empo-tymshft," I'm getting ready to introduce another regular series to this blog. All that I'll say right now is that it covers a topic that I've addressed before in this blog. Enjoy.
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