Friday, September 4, 2009

What's next - iBookBuds?

After Inland Empress departed from her personal blog (and from California), her next project was called BookBuds KidLit Reviews, online reviews of childrens' books. I don't know if her former Los Angeles Times contacts alerted her to this recent article, but it would certainly interest her:

Like most parents who find themselves juggling fussy tots and multiple chores and errands, Woody Sears and Graham Farrar have surrendered their mobile phones to distract their toddlers....

Sears and Farrar came up with iStoryTime, a platform for creating children's books for the iPhone that can entertain their kids during shopping trips, airplane hops or long car rides to grandmother's house for a holiday weekend. They recruited Peter Kyriacou to help them develop the software, and pooled $10,000 from their savings. It took the three partners four months, working in their spare time, to start their business from scratch in January to launching their first app in April, a 99-cent book called "Binky the Pink Elephant."

Great. The first words of certain toddlers will now be "there's an app for that." See
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