Monday, September 7, 2009

All about Tufts health insurance, but without the Jackson Family Honors

The nice thing about electronic writing is that it is easy for you to syndicate your writing to other locations.

For example, early this morning I published the post On standards, alliances, Froot Loops, and princes.

I then published that same post at my BloggersBase account. (If you haven't heard of BloggersBase, read my post on the service.)

Later this morning I noticed a portion of the post at the Tufts Health Insurance blog. Unfortunately, they somehow kinda sorta failed to link to the original post, but I rectified that.

For the original post, including material on the Jackson Family Honors, please visit

Lesson to the unscrupulous - if you're gonna be unscrupulous, at least don't be stupid at the same time.
  • First, consider that you want to attract people to your adblog via the term "Tufts health insurance." When you have other text that attracts people - in this case, the name of my blog right in the title - you're only going to cause trouble for yourself.

  • In addition, you have to remember that anyone who comments at your blog is likely not going to be your friend. So either turn comments off, or moderate them. The fact that I was able to enter a comment on your post to add the link that you didn't add doesn't reflect that well on your skills.
Of course, this post isn't the only post in the Tufts Health Insurance blog. For example, there's the post entitled Bathroom Ideas: Green Buildings, the text of which seems to bear a striking resemblance to the text in the middle of this post in the blog Bathroom Ideas. They had to reach to tie this into health insurance, though:

Low VOC paints and adhesives: Paints and finishes containing Volatile Organic Compounds release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. Now are available non toxic products with low or zero VOC levels which are less harmful to human and environmental health....

Grass pavers: They can be noticed in parking lots, driveways and open areas that are paved but have tufts of grass coming out between the blocks....

I guess I'd better contact Chuck Tiber and let him know he's being ripped off.

And, author of the Tufts Health Insurance blog, Think, seems to like a lot about health insurance:

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But wouldn't it be sad if people who were searching for Tufts Health Insurance ended up at this blog post, rather than Think's "Tufts health insurance" blog?

Boy, that would be absolutely terrible.

P.S. Perhaps I should add some worthwhile content to this blog post. When I first think of the phrase "tufts health insurance," I immediately think of the health services at Tufts University. Students - flu shots 9/16 and 9/17! But there is also an outfit called the Tufts Health Plan, which offers services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

P.P.S. This whole episode makes you question Blogger's growth statistics, doesn't it?
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