Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little more detail on BloggersBase

Rob Diana, Kol Tregaskes, and others have shared a Leena Rao post in TechCrunch entitled BloggersBase Is A Discovery Engine For The Blogosphere. From the bloggers' perspective, the site allows you to submit your content (including previously blogged content) to the site. New bloggers compete in various categories, and the winning blogs get on the main pages of BloggersBase. From the readers' perspective, you get to vote on the submissions, comment on them, and generally find either really good or really bad content.

So I signed up (my profile is at, submitted one of my existing blog posts (original here, BloggersBase version here), and voted and commented on a number of blog posts.

And in case you're wondering, I can't submit this post to BloggersBase, since I already submitted one in the Business category for the current competition period. Although you'd figure that a post about BloggersBase, on BloggersBase, would at least get a lot of eyeballs.

Speaking of posts about BloggersBase, I ran across this interview:

BloggersBase set out to deliver premium user generated content, while allowing talented bloggers to get discovered. Instead of personal blogs, each blog on BloggersBase focuses on a single topic and is multi-authored by top bloggers in that field. Bloggers compete for the privilege to co-author the blog they are passionate about. This competition gives each blogger the chance to get discovered, while also making sure the casual reader is only exposed to the highest quality content.

Our discovery platform is bloggers powered and readers driven: if they so choose, readers can become very influential and really make a difference in determining the content of the blogs.

More here.
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