Monday, April 6, 2009

What's in a name?

Some companies have descriptive names (Microsoft), others have evocative names (Google). While driving down the 57, I found a name that is both. Technically it's not a company name, but it's still associated with a firm.

This works on two levels. First, it's cutesy, and sounds a lot better than Second, it acknowledges the emerging bilingual nature of the southern California housing market, just as much as the printed name of the real estate broker, "Gil Rivera," does.

But then there are some names that are not so good. While I don't think that "Chumby" is as bad a name as Larry did, I agree that names such as "Apparent Networks" or "Cavalier Telephone" don't exactly inspire consumer confidence.

If you're about to name a company, check these tips from

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