Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another stack (of sorts) from Hewlett Packrd - or is HP's head in the clouds?

I have previously talked about Oracle's stack. Guess what? HP has its own stack, as can be seen from this short piece on cloud computing.

At HP, we have been methodically executing a strategy to position our company as a leader in the cloud, from infrastructure to software to services. Over the past six years, we have made a series of acquisitions to move up the data center stack. We began with Compaq to establish ourselves as the leader in hardware, as that segment steadily moves toward open systems and architectures and thin, always connected devices. To differentiate our hardware, we expanded our software portfolio and acquired 11 software companies in 4 years, including Mercury, Opsware and Peregrine. This year, HP acquired EDS and put a services arm with global scale and expertise at the head of our enterprise business.

More here. Granted, HP may have invented the story after the fact, but it still sounds compelling - acquire hardware, then acquire software, then acquire services.
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