Saturday, April 11, 2009

FriendFeed for Beginners subscription created, using beta terminology

One of the common criticisms of FriendFeed is that it's difficult to use when compared to applications like Twitter. While the FriendFeed team is attempting to address these issues in the new beta, FriendFeed can certainly be intimidating.

So how about a FriendFeed subscription to help new FriendFeed users?

You'll note that I said "subscription" rather than "room." One of the difficulties in attempting this right now is that FriendFeed is still right in the middle of its beta. If you start talking about rooms and stuff, people will really get confused. So, as noted below, this subscription assumes that you're using the beta version of FriendFeed. Perhaps the links below may not work in a few weeks, but hey! We're in the disposable real-time age anyway.

Kol Tresgaskes has taken the initiative and, in line with a FriendFeed conversation he had with others, created (This link may not work after the beta becomes the standard.)

If you'd like FriendFeed tips, follow the link above and subscribe (assuming the beta is still active and you're using it), and get involved in the conversations.

P.S. for the elderly: I originally tried to write this post with both pre-beta and beta terminology (e.g. "join the room" for the old folks), but Kol has spoken.

...Perhaps this room would benefit with the beta version of instructions only?...I'm thinking of avoiding having 2 sets of instructions during the transisition period. We also want new users to get used to the new version instead of teaching them the old version for them to start over with the new version in a few weeks.

So we're not talking about joining a room; we're talking about subscribing.
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