Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Am I providing sufficient wine for you, or is it whine?

I got this tidbit from Chris Brogan:

Conn Fishburn from Yahoo gave me a great analogy for thinking about social media marketing when we spoke at IBM’s Research Headquarters in New York last year. He said, “Bring wine to the picnic.” In this case, Conn was talking about the idea that if you show up and try to market, people will be frustrated and will shut you out. Instead, if you bring something of value to people, they’ll be more likely to accept you.

Brogan goes into more detail on the analogy, but the basic concept is simple enough - if I provide sufficiently good information, people will be more inclined to listen when I discuss things of interest to me.

I try to remember this when I share items in Google Reader or StumbleUpon. Yes, my stuff is in there, but I try to mix other stuff in there also.

So how do you provide added value?

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