Thursday, April 2, 2009

The widget - does the benefit outweigh the trouble?

This is a test of something that Oracle's Jake Kuramoto mentioned in the AppsLab blog. After Jake talked about comment aggregation, he talked about the AboutUs widget, which is discussed in more detail here.

What exactly is this widget we speak of? The AboutUs Blog Widget embeds key information about any website in your post. A snippet of JavaScript, it adds a 63-character summary of the website, tags describing the site – called topics – and links to both their website and wiki page.

Whatever your blogging forte, the widget is a way for you to serve your readers better by providing an unobtrusive introduction to websites you’ve mentioned. The best part is, if you or your readers have ideas for improving this info, editing the AboutUs page updates the widget automatically.

So how do you implement it?

1. Visit the AboutUs page for a website (at
2. Copy the source code from the box right-hand sidebar of the page.
3. Paste it in to the HTML of your post.

It sounds a little too manual, and since it's a new service it might not have information about a lot of places, but let's try it here.

By the way, I don't know if About Us intends to support subdomains or not. But the real power will be if I actually join the site and edit the information as I see it. (There is, of course, the danger of vandalism, as and fanboys trade insults at each other.)

So, what do you think?
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