Sunday, April 5, 2009

IBM and Sun - One day you'll look to see I'm gone...

I just checked my feeds, and there are a ton of stories regarding the IBM/Sun deal, or lack thereof.

The New York Times:

I.B.M. withdrew its $7 billion bid for Sun Microsystems on Sunday, one day after Sun’s board balked at a reduced offer, according to three people close to the talks.

In the aftermath, the identity of the company that killed the deal seems to vary. The Inquisitr's Duncan Riley characterized things with the headline "Cloudy days: IBM’s $7 billion takeover of Sun withdrawn." And by the time that I read the story that appeared as "Sun Walks from IBM Deal" in my RSS feed, the actual BusinessWeek article had been retitled as "AP sources: Sun deal cloudy after IBM pulls offer."

But whether you credit Sun's board for killing the deal on Saturday, or IBM for killing the deal on Sunday, the fact remains that the deal's off, even though "[n]either IBM nor Sun would...even acknowledge that they had been negotiating" for three months.

A quick semi-related check - Jonathan Schwartz's blog hasn't been updated since March 18, and Samuel Palisano doesn't blog. Not that they necessarily should blog frequently or at all, much less blog about a deal gone sour, but an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

P.S. In an earlier web search to find the appropriate lyrics to use in the title of this song, it appears that either (a) one of my favorite music lyric sites has been compromised, or (b) I mistyped the name the lyric site. If I find out more I'll post it here or in the Empoprise-MU blog. (The lyric is from the Beatles' "I'll Follow the Sun.")
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