Thursday, April 23, 2009

All corporate takeovers are local

Tip O'Neill was fond is saying "All politics is local," and you can see that when the most committed "get out of Iraq" Representative or Senator suddenly changes his or her tune when Defense Department reductions result in the closure of a plant in his/her district.

There are similar local effects with private enterprise initiatives. Oracle and Sun may be based in California, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may be based in Massachusetts, but MIT's Technology Review blog talks about Oracle and Sun operations in Colorado:

[A]cquisitions are always complex and this one isn’t expected to close until sometime this summer. However, given the existing presence of both companies in Colorado, I expect there will be additional focus on the appropriate integration dynamics. While they will likely include some rationalization of people and facilities, I expect it will be healthy for the long term growth of Colorado as a technology center, especially given the positive experiences each company has had with large workforces in Colorado.

Read the whole thing here.
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