Sunday, April 26, 2009

Autostart and Steve Carr (Flannel/NOOMA)

So I finished my previous post and checked it out to make sure the code was working. And boy, was it working, since the embedded video immediately started playing. Because of my personal preferences, I changed the "autostart" setting to "false," so that people who visit my main blog page over the next few weeks aren't hearing the trailer audio over and over again. (Frankly, autoplay is so 1990's/20th century, though there are those who disagree with me.)

Anyway, I kept on reading, and found an interview with Steve Carr in Collide Magazine. You'll recall that he was identified in a buried-away newsletter as the Executive Director of Flannel. Carr talked about the beginnings of NOOMA, Rob Bell's relationship with the firm, and other topics.

About eight years ago we started the non-profit company, Flannel, which created NOOMA. The concept of what NOOMA films have become actually took years to develop. Rob Bell and two friends began to explore how to take Rob's creative way of teaching and communicating and share that with people on a bigger scale....After many months of discussions...the first NOOMA, "Rain," began filming on September 11, 2001. The first three films were released in November of 2002 and came on really cool white VHS tapes with “NOOMA” in blue lettering....

Rob loves the creative process. He spends his time creating teachings. Some of these teachings become sermons, some entire books, some live performances, and some NOOMAs. Sometimes there is overlap....In creating a NOOMA, the words are Rob's. Rob comes up with a teaching he wants to share and that becomes the starting point.

The film itself is another process entirely. Each NOOMA has a visual story that takes place around the words. A team of people develops the visual story, and Rob is typically not involved in this part of the process. A team puts together the film concept, and Rob shows up on set and almost always delivers his words flawlessly. It really is something to watch.

Read the whole interview here.
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