Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a movie star! And you can be too, thanks to National CineMedia

I got a snail mailing that caught my attention with the picture on front, depicting me as a superhero:

OK, maybe they got the hair color wrong...

But if you read the message, go to the website, and explore, you end up at the page that describes the "CineMeetings" division of National CineMedia:

CineMeetings & Events, a division of National CineMedia, accommodates clients' individual needs in providing meetings and events throughout the largest and most sophisticated theatre network in the world. Clients of CineMeetings & Events have access to a network of more than a thousand theaters nationwide, including AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Georgia Theatre Company, Regal Cinemas, and United Artist Theatres.

With CineMeetings & Events on your side, you can enhance the educational and entertainment value of your presentation with the big screen, stadium seating, high-resolution digital projection and crystal clear audio. From a single-site meeting to an event that encompasses hundreds of locations, CineMeetings & Events provides centralized event management including booking, event coordination and execution, technical support, promotional tools, advanced audio/visual technologies, plus a suite of catering services.

More here.

While I don't have a personal corporate need to rent out multiple movie theaters to give a presentation, the idea is intriguing, at least for domestic businesses. It's a win for the theaters if the meetings are held during the morning hours when movies are not shown, and may also be lucrative during the afternoon hours.

However, this seems to lend itself better to some events than to others. I can watch a webcast on my computer, which involves no travel time (and I can buy popcorn from the machines in the cafeteria if I so desire). But a meeting in a movie theater would be ideal for a capital E Event where you want to bring people together and create a sense of shared excitement.

If Oracle acquires so many companies that it outgrows San Francisco and Las Vegas, perhaps Larry Ellison can give his keynote address via movie theaters.
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