Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's happening to my friend Tom?

I haven't been on MySpace much lately - not because of a dislike of MySpace itself, but more because many of the people that were my friends on MySpace - and many that were not - are now on Facebook. Well, perhaps if I'm honest with myself, I do have a dislike of some things in MySpace, most importantly the ability to customize your homepage until it is an unreadable mess.

But I digress. Many of you have had a MySpace account at one time or another, so we all have one thing in common - our friend Tom.

Tom was the first friend that we ever had on MySpace. We didn't know a lot about Tom, and in fact we didn't even know how old he was, but he seemed to be a nice guy, and he'd always pass on messages to all of his friends, such as tips on new music and warnings about compromising the security of your account.

In short, Tom was, and probably still is, a pretty neat guy.

Well, our friend Tom was in the paper. Well, actually it's not a paper any more, it's more like electronic stuff, or at least that's where I saw the story. You see, Tom and his friend Chris are going to be doing some different things because their friend Jonathan said that Tom and Chris should - well, let's let the PR flack tell the story:

Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2009 - MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and News Corporation’s Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Miller, announced today that, by mutual agreement, Mr. DeWolfe will not be renewing his contract and will be stepping down in the near future. Mr. DeWolfe will continue to serve on the board of MySpace China and will be a strategic advisor to the Company.

Additionally, Mr. Miller announced that he was in discussions with Tom Anderson, MySpace’s president, about Mr. Anderson assuming a new role in the organization.

That news was followed by a lot of things that all of the people said. Actually, they didn't really say them; someone else wrote them up and pretended that Jonathan and the others said them. Here's what Tom supposedly said:

“From the very beginning, our driving passion has been simple - to create and foster a platform where people across the globe can not only meet and interact, but share music, videos, thoughts and ideas,” said Mr. Anderson. I look forward to working with Jon. I love this business, and look forward to its next chapter.”

Well, when you hear some distressing news, the best thing to do is to turn to a friend. So I went to Tom's profile, and it looks like he's logged on, but he hasn't said anything in a few days.


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Man, I hope Tom isn't feeling bad and stuff. Perhaps I ought to poke - never mind...
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