Friday, July 23, 2010

Why there won't be a "one man" trailer for the Facebook movie

Whatever the FriendFeed community may think about FriendFeed itself these days, the ex-FriendFeeders (now mostly Facebook employees) are held in high regard. One of those ex=FriendFeeders, Benjamin Golub, was well-regarded even before he joined FriendFeed. (Golub is the author of fftogo, a site that allows people with dumbphones to access FriendFeed remotely.) And even after joining Facebook, Golub still provides service to FriendFeed users.

Sorry about some of the "Oops" errors you've all been seeing this weekend. We've got a rogue machine that I just took out of rotation

This resulted in heaps of praise from the community, including myself. And I was moved:

(Movie voice) The scene you wish you never saw. It threatened Silicon Valley. It was the server that went rogue. Only one man could stop the rogue server in its tracks. One man. One server. Who will win?

When I mentioned the "Little Tortilla Boy" parody of that movie voice, FriendFeed user Samuel "Otto" Wood reminded me that the comedian in question was Pablo Francisco.

The voice belonged to Don LaFontaine, who didn't only do the deep action voice, but several others. Here's a five-plus minute video on him.

Sadly, LaFontaine passed away a few years ago.

But if you wonder whether LaFontaine took offense at Pablo Francisco's parody, I doubt it. In fact, LaFontaine, Francisco, and Frank Caliendo appeared together in a "Three Tenors" parody called "The Three Trailers."

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