Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where's Wisk Detergent? CVS.

My not-so-smart phone, coupled with, just proved to be very helpful.

My wife is a follower of Mary Hunt (we actually met Hunt at a lecture a couple of years ago), and was trying to find some Wisk Detergent to use as an ingredient in a cleaner publicized in one of Hunt's publications. She hadn't seen any Wisk previously, so we made a point of going to Wal-Mart to see if they had it. We figured that Wal-Mart would have a broad enough selection.

Unfortunately, the Wal-Mart in Upland, California didn't have Wisk.

Because we've been paying for Internet access on my not-so-smart phone, my wife figured that she'd put it to use and told me to search for information on Wisk.

I used mobile Google search and found a few results, including mentions that Wisk could be bought online at Amazon and CVS.

But I skipped those results in favor of a page entitled Where's Wisk Detergent? This page, written by Mary Marlowe Leverette at, appeared to have a promising title.

Unfortunately, Mary didn't have a good answer to the question:

I wish I could tell you. Since my blog post on May 31 about Wisk 2x Ultra HE., I have been getting e-mails from southern Louisiana to Mesa, Arizona asking where to find Wisk. You can purchase Wisk online but I know that you want to find it locally. So, I've been trying to help.

Leverette tried contacting the PR firm for Wisk, as well as its manufacturer (Sun Products Company), but had no success.

On my phone, I kept on reading the page and began to look at the comments. If you are a blogger who doesn't believe in comments, you should change your tune. Interaction with your readers can often enhance the original post that you wrote. And that was true in this case.

The first thing that I learned from the comments was that Leverette wasn't the only person who couldn't find Wisk. Other people noted that they were having problems finding the product. But as I scrolled down, I found comment 21:

(21) dja says:

I am also very fond of Wisk detergent. Found this product listed on the CVS/Pharmacy site (formally Long’s Drugs. Will look for it the next time I am in the store. Hopeful in California!

Now I live in California, and there are two CVS pharmacies within a couple of miles of the Upland Wal-Mart. So we got in the car, drove to one of them (the Euclid & Foothill location, if you're curious), and found this super-duper 2X magical Wisk that my wife wanted.

Incidentally, in my initial phone search, I missed comment 5, which linked to Leverette's follow-up post, which mentioned Wisk availability at CVS stores on the EAST coast. However, it turns out that comment 21 provided information that was more specific to my case as a West Coast shopper. (And, on my phone, the information in comment 21 happened to be more accessible.)

So I left comment 22 at the original post:

(22) John E. Bredehoft says:

A big thank you to dja! We were in a Wal-Mart this morning in an unsuccessful attempt to find Wisk. My wife asked me to search on my not-so-smart phone, and I happened upon this page. We drove over to the CVS at Foothill & Euclid in Upland, California, and found Wisk detergent (both the 2X Ultra HE and another kind). I’m not sure about availability in other parts of the country, or even at other CVS stores, but at least it appears that it IS possible to find Wisk in a store.

I hope that this information proves helpful to someone - not only those who are fanatical about Wisk Detergent, but also those who are wondering whether comments can add value to a blog. They do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to work on an upcoming post in my Empoprise-BI business blog - one about a former member of Black Sabbath. Rock on, Wisk lovers.
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