Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fourcourt - you don't need a smartphone to have an app

I was poking around Foursquare's website this afternoon and noticed an apps page. Now normally I ignore apps pages because my LG env3 doesn't run all the apps that all the cool kids are using, but then I noticed an apps subcategory called websites.

The first website that I visited was Fourcourt, which was described as follows:

In front of a computer and want to know where your friends are? Load up fourcourt and find out.

While Foursquare shows you where your friends are, it only shows their activity in the last three hours, and it only shows them if they're in your area. So if my last check-in was in Montclair, California, I'm not going to see what my friends in San Francisco are doing.

Fourcourt (which supports authorization via your Foursquare account) changes that, allowing you to see your friends' last location in a grid, or as a stream of activity. For example, when I checked my stream of Foursquare friends on Fourcourt, I was able to see what these two well-known Foursquare users were up to.

Now I'm not going to Oracle OpenWorld this year (or, more accurately, there's a 99.9% chance that I won't be at Oracle OpenWorld this year), but perhaps I should visit Fourcourt at about the time of the blogger meetup. It should be interesting to see the crowd coming together.

(And yes, I did see a Comic-Con check-in in my stream.)
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