Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grabbing the mrontemp Ontario Emperor crowd - Mahree Bok, cursor freeze, and bad photos

I check my analytics for the Empoprises series of blogs on a semi-regular basis, looking at trends, and looking for things to improve.

However, as some of you know, the Empoprises blogs were not the first blogs that I ever created. I created a number of blogs under my old pseudonym, Ontario Emperor.

I hadn't looked at the Ontario Emperor analytics in some time, but earlier this week I checked the analytics for my last big Ontario Emperor blog, mrontemp.

And I discovered something that is either really good or really bad, depending upon how you look at it.

Despite the fact that I have not posted to that blog in over a year, my mrontemp blog is more popular than most of my Empoprises blogs.


So how do I get the mrontemp readers over to Empoprises? Well, one way is to respond to those people who took the time to leave comments on the mrontemp blog posts. When I quit blogging as Ontario Emperor, I put all of those blogs in comment moderation mode. Because of this, I found that I had over 200 comments to moderate at mrontemp. I ignored all of the anonymous comments (which seemed to be Cialis ads and the like), and found a grand total of 3 comments that deserved responses.

One comment was made at my July 2007 post Some stuff about cursor freeze. In January 2010, Mike Hobart asked:

My sister got a new laptop and it worked great for the first day. Then it crashed and now it crawls ever-so-slowly, the cursor freezes and it won't do System Restore. #Sigh# Why does this happen so often? Have we offended the gods somehow?

I responded:

Mike, sorry for the late response, but I quit blogging at this blog some time ago and only came back to moderate the comments. After I wrote this post I bought a new computer which worked fine for a few months, then it suffered a hard disk crash. Luckily this computer (not a Compaq computer, an HP computer) was covered under warranty, so I shipped the computer to HP and they replaced the disk. Things have been fine since. Obviously a lot of time has passed since you wrote your comment, but I hope your sister contacted the original manufacturer and took care of things.

The next comment that deserved a response was posted at my February 2008 post When the semi-fictional character Mahree Bok is bigger than all of the presidential candidates combined. ChrmdRcks20 asked:

Hello. I was wondering if you had found any new information about the real Mahree Bok, Carrie. It's so odd that in the age of internet, there is little to no information about her. The Color of Friendship was a pretty successful movie, and still no one has been able to find information about what happened to the real person that was represented in the movie.

I hope you have found more information about her. If so, would you mind creating another quick blog about it possibly?

I replied:

I apologize for the late response. I quit blogging in this particular blog over a year ago, and just returned to moderate comments. I haven't returned to the topic of Mahree or Carrie, so Piper's comments above are probably the best information available at this time.

Piper, by the way, is Piper Dellums, who should know a little bit about the topic.

On to my third post, from later in Febuary 2008. It was a picture post entitled My Cracker Jack prize. Ernest asked:

Could you take a shittier picture for me? Please?

You have to go here to see my complete response. (Short version: Ernest was right.)

If you want to know more about these esteemed commenters, see Mike Hobart's Tasmania blog. ChrmdRcks20 apparently doesn't have a blog, and Ernest did not share his Blogger profile.
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